If you’re thinking about selling your home this winter or spring, read on for valuable surprise!

No, the “Green” isn’t money (in the literal sense) nor is it environmental (strictly speaking). It’s a new service I’m offering my friends and neighbors to maximize the marketing appeal of Loveland’s spectacular homes.

Colorado is a spectacular state for many reasons – but we all know how brutal winters can be. Like almost everyone who’s chosen to live here, I absolutely love the snow. What’s more beautiful than fresh dusting pf powder glistening in the morning sun? But even though we love snow, it covers up too many features of your home, your landscape, your hardscape, and outdoor amenities. Photos showing your home with green grass and bright flowers is extremely appealing to prospective buyers, especially in the dead of winter.

If you plan to list later in the season, you shouldn’t risk posting a snow-covered listing photo. When spring is upon us and the trees are bare and grass appears dead, the outdoor aesthetic of your home can also take a nose-dive. Your once colorful yard fades to gray, and then becomes covered by piles of snow for several months. Homebuyers are forced to imagine how their new yard will look in full bloom. Most likely, they won’t be imagining soothing pretty.

I’ve decided to combat this problem through the use of “Green Photos.” These are simply professional photos taken before leaves fall, when your yard is at its best, just in case you decide to list and sell your home sometime within the next eight months.

A green lawn and trees filled with leaves will have people visualizing backyard barbecues and imagine throwing around a football with their kids (attention Broncos Fans!). The Gift of Green means this: I’ll send our professional photographer to your home to capture your home’s exterior NOW, so that when the time comes, buyers will see your home in its summertime radiance!

Obtaining Your Free Green Photos

To help your get the best possible exposure for your winter or spring home sale, we will provide you with professional Green Photos for FREE. When you’re considering selling your home between late fall and spring, its wise to be prepared. If we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet and discuss your goals for your next move, that is just fine! You can schedule your Green Photos now to maximize the selling potential for your home down the road.

In return, we would appreciate the opportunity  to meet with you and discuss your upcoming move, that you might interview us for the job and decide if we are the right team to get your home sold. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and our Green Photos are just one of the ways that we aid our clients in realizing the greatest profit from the sale of their home. Now we look forward to providing this valuable service.

-Written by Amanda Hicks, RTown Real Estate

Schedule your Green Photos today by calling 970-310-9549 or by visiting http://www.RTownRe.com/GreenPhotos and completing the reservation form online.


Mayan Rohrer