I’m a little late to the game in sharing about this, BUT I’ve been having a blast with Leadership Loveland and want to shout it from the roof tops. I’m pregnant and really shouldn’t be climbing on roof tops, so here I am writing a blog post about it instead.

Let me back up first and explain Leadership Loveland and why I’m involved. Leadership Loveland is a program put on each year by the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Rising community leaders take part in a nine month program meeting for a day each month to learn about subjects like culture, the economy, local government and more. In addition to learning about the community’s history and interacting with current local leadership each year’s class takes part in a community focused project.

Culture -Photo 1Our first class out on the town was centered on local culture. We started our day touring two bronze foundries, getting an up close and personal look at their process and how far reaching artwork made in Loveland really is. You’ll notice a Buzz Lightyear that’s used for Pixar employee gifts AND recreations of the Fearless Girl that are both cast right here in Loveland. How cool is that?!

After our excursion to the foundries, we went to the new Metrolux Dine-In At The Foundry in Loveland that not only boasts a luxury movie watching experience, but a full bar and restaurant. We toured the theater and our group was served an amazing meal directly from the chef. As a part of the leadership curriculum we spent time in the afternoon diving into our StrengthsFinder results.

Finally we went on backstage tour of The Rialto Theater and the Loveland Museum. Personally, I really enjoyed the Paper Chicano Dos exhibit at the Loveland Museum. This exhibit that will run through mid January features art from Cheech Marin’s private collection. It’s definitely worth the time to check it out.

If you have questions or have any interest in being a part of a future Leadership Loveland class, I’d love to chat.

Up next . . . Economy Day!

*Thank you to Dixie Daly and The Loveland Chamber of Commerce for taking a posting fantastic photos from our adventures.

Mayan Rohrer