74799787_156979512364513_844013626883833856_oYou guys! The Wal-Mart Distribution Center is so cool. I’m going to be honest, our tour of this 1,000,000+ square foot facility was the highlight of Economy Day with my Leadership Loveland class in November. Their efficient system sends out 70,000 parcels about every 10 hours and sends out 200 trucks full of items each day. How incredible is that?

74908148_157118585683939_4653240123368931328_oAnother favorite aspect was discovering how large companies like Wal-Mart, smaller mom and pop shops, and the overall vision for Loveland fit into the local economic picture. After our tour we heard from Loveland Downtown District and the City of Loveland’s Economic Department about where we are and where we’re going. Sometimes as a resident when you hear about plans and some things don’t come to fruition, it’s confusing why. It’s easy to get discouraged about what’s possible and what the future holds for a community you love. I was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the people in the trenches doing the work to make Loveland the destination it deserves to be.

75380046_157133075682490_4636708373339832320_oTowards the end of the day we began our class discussion about our community project (that continued on at Crow Hop). We will be designing and implementing this project from start to finish. It was inspiring to hear ideas from classmates and see how well we were able to come together and set next steps. My hope is that we’re able to solidify our project and make a tangible impact, something we can all be proud of.

*Thank you Dixie Daly and The Loveland Chamber of Commerce for the photos

Mayan Rohrer