I’m pregnant and I’m a planner (my poor child will have to be very patient with me). I’ve been looking forward to Education Day as a part of Leadership Loveland since day one, mostly because I was excited to hear about public education in Loveland. Early education and elementary school education has been on the top of my mind lately.

Fortunately for me, we not only got to explore Truscott Elementary School, but we got to hear from numerous people from Thompson School District, Front Range Community College and Aims Community College.

The thing I’ve been raving about is the Dual Language Immersion Program offered at Truscott Elementary School and Cottonwood Plains Elementary School. It’s inspiring to see the passion of the administration and teachers who have made such a significant investment into the lives of local children.

2019-TSD-Strategic-Plan-Booklet-3The other program I’m a big fan of is Thompson School District’s Strive 2025 strategic plan and their portrait of a graduate. The emphasis on creating graduates who have not only achieved academically, but are employable doesn’t seem out of the box even though this may not always be the outcome. There are apprenticeship and internship programs as well as career specific classes and numerous opportunities for students to earn college credit. Students are poised to graduate high school prepared to be successful members of the workforce. It’ll be exciting to see what happens as the school district continues on it’s path towards these goals.

We continued our class project discussion after our class. During the last month we selected a preliminary project and assigned teams. Now as we move into the new year, we have some major questions that need to be answered so we can narrow down our parameters. Hopefully next month I’ll be able to share some more details. Keep your fingers crossed!

*Thank you Dixie Daly and The Loveland Chamber of Commerce for the photo and to Thompson School District for their Strive 2025 Portrait of a Graduate.

Mayan Rohrer