Seller Services

Buyer Services

From start to finish, I work with my sellers to determine the best plan of action for their home. Walking through the home is essential to not only understand the current home condition, but what changes could be made to the home to maximize net income. From there I perform a market analysis to assist in determining a list price that will sell their home at an ideal price and with ideal terms.

Marketing is one of my favorite things to do! Getting my seller’s home at the top of buyer’s list is my number one goal. The more potential buyers who get their eyes on the home the better. From amazing photos, a top notch website, and an exceptional in home experience, I leave no stone unturned.

Once offers are received, I provide information quickly and clearly, walking sellers through all of the benefits and potential pitfalls to offers presented.

The time between accepting an offer and the closing day is where sellers will find the most value. I ensure negotiations are smooth and each contract deadline is met with ease.

From start to finish, I provide a concierge service that can’t be beat. Let me show you what my simplicity and professionalism can do for you.

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The average person buys or sells a home 5 times in their lifetime and I take this major purchase very seriously. Whether a buyer is moving up, into a larger home to fit their family, or downsizing to allow for less maintenance (and maybe more travel), the transition can be emotional.

I help buyers set up a dynamic home search that I can manually adjust as we see homes and wants/needs adjust, which they’re bound to do. While sometimes a unicorn home is available, the home search isn’t about finding the perfect home, but the RIGHT home for you and your family.

Even before my buyers are ready to write an offer, we’ve reviewed the contract details. This way, putting together an offer is simple and straight forward. I always review the market, looking at recently sold properties and currently active homes to settle on the right offer.

The fun really begins between when the offer is accepted and closing day. During this time we collect information and you have the opportunity to get to know your home, the HOA, and the neighborhood. I encourage my buyers to ask all the questions and ensure this is the home for them.

I provide my buyers with the confidence and information they need to make the right decisions for their families.

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